Saturday, June 29, 2013

The World of e-Sports (Pros and Cons)

For sure you have heard of the word "Sports" but i don't think you have heard of the term "e-Sports". Here is a little description about e-Sports... e-Sports is the shortcut term for Electronic Sports. This is the sport using electronics like computers. It mainly comprises competitive video games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and the likes.

The Internationals, the biggest gaming event in e-Sport world of Dota 2.
Now for the pros of e-Sports. As stated above it is comprised by competitive video games so you can conclude that it teaches how to be competitive. Also in these competitive games are strategies. This sport makes your brain work. It won't let you solve math but lets you think what strategy to use in a game. A good strategy gives you good plays that can result to the W. Last but obviously not the least, it creates the so-called "friendship". This sport is a team sport, it requires you to have a team and go against other teams which makes it competitive. Well, not all e-sport categories are team sports. There are also individual e-sports like FIFA but what makes individuals go friendly is when they get to meet their enemies. They can be enemies but its only in the computer, when it is outside the gaming place everybody are friends.

LGD.Misery and iG.Chuan having some bromance (Dota2)
Now of course the cons of e-Sports. When your parents see you playing games instead of studying your lessons, what is there reaction? Obviously your parents will be angry to you. I am the guy who strongly believe that education is still the key to success in the future. Will these so-called "gamers" will be playing for the entirety of their lives? Why not level-up and go to the real world? Many questions with many answers. The future of gamers in this world is still a big question mark. I've seen many players quit e-Sports to find a good living. There are many cons but this is what I want to emphasize, the FUTURE!

Here is a trailer of the almost a year in the making Valve's Dota2 Documentary. (Sorry for too much Dota2 stuff this is the game that I play the most...check out my blog all about Dota2 going to update that every week.)


  1. I don't like Dota 2 but it's a good example

  2. I don't like Dota 2 but it's a good example