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The World of Dota 2 Competitive Scene

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Are you a fan of Dota 2? Do you like competitive scenes? or Do you like e-Sports? If yes! Then you are exactly in the right post :) This will be all about the competitive scene or the e-Sport part of Dota 2. So let's get started :)

Natus Vincere, a professional gaming team of Ukraine
 and has one of the most successful Dota 2 teams in the West.
There are different competitive Dota 2 scenes all around the globe. Each regions has their own distinct characteristics or their own strategies and gameplay. I have been a fan of the Dota 2 e-Sports since The Internationals 2, one of the biggest tournament of Dota 2. I also have been comparing the different scenes and I really noticed that each regions has their own gameplay. First, is the western scene mainly comprised of  the Americas and Europe. This region has one of the smartest minds when it comes to picking. They presented the Wisp-Chaos Knight combo and the top tier Magnus pick. They are like the trendsetters of the competitive scene. They have one of the best teams but they are being challenged by the Eastern scene specifically the Chinese teams. The western scene is also the most controversial scene in the world. One of the biggest controversies is the "$322 Solo" where Solo who is playing for the Russian team, Rox.Kis, throwed the game because he betted in an online betting website the opposing team and intentionally throws the game so that he can win back his $322. This scene also had shuffled many times or teams in a region shuffled players for a more efficient line-up. Now, let us move to the Eastern scene :)

LGD-Gaming, a Chinese gaming team that has currently 2 teams.
One is a pure Chinese team and the other has European players.
The Eastern scene is the most "disciplined" but at the same time the most "RAMBO". First, is the discipline section of this scene. The Chinese teams is known for this, they seldom do mistakes and probably the most disciplined team is Invictus Gaming and they also have the most disciplined player, YYF, who is playing offlane for iG. Now, is the term "RAMBO". Rambo gaming, is a term for too much aggresiveness that leads to deaths or failures but it doesn't always fail, it sometimes goes good. One of the best rambo gamers is the Pinoy Dota(Philippines). You will always see "Pinoy Doto Best Doto" terms mostly in the Beyond The Summit chat, it is because they showcase too much aggresiveness that leads to funny moments or worse "gg moments". One team showcases too much aggresiveness so gracefully and that is Orange E-Sports of Malaysia. They can go against the best Chinese teams, they're probably the block in the pathway of disciplined Chinese teams. So this is the Competitive Scene of Dota 2 but it doesn't end here :)

TobiWanKenobi of jdStudio, a casting team for Dota 2.
Where is all the competitiveness without the most competitive of them all? They are the Casters. They are much alike the commentators of your basketball, football and etc. To be a caster, one must be very passionate and very fluent in English. These casters work almost 24/7 since competitive scene in Dota 2 is getting bigger and bigger. Worth mentioning are Ayesee, Tobiwan, and the cast of Beyond The Summit casting team, namely LD, Godz, Winter, Luminous. Also the trendsetters in casting is the cast of GD Studio namely Bruno Statsman, 2GD, Weppas, and Draskyl. But of course it doesn't end here :)

Steelseries is one of the leading sponsors
in the competitive Dota 2 Scene.
Last but definitely not the least, the Sponsors. How can gamers go to LAN Finals without sponsors? How can gamers game without sponsors? They provide all the gaming gears and sometimes the money for them to have their own bootcamps and fly to other places for LAN Tournaments. They also provide the team's official jersey shirts with of course their logo in it. This can be a good investment for the companies especially when they get to sponsor good teams. Some good investments are Alienware sponsoring Natus Vincere and AMD sponsoring Mineski. Sometimes they also get ti plug-in their newest products when they sponsor such teams. One example is this video:

So this ends my discussion all about the world of Dota 2 Competitive Scene. Hopefully you find this post very informative. Feel free to comment your opinions a beginner in blogging here :)

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